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Pir Sahib Golra Sharif | | © All Rights Reserved  2016 | Web Master Trab UlHassan Naseervi

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Silsala - Lineage

A testimonial confirming the Prophetic lineage of Hazrat Pir Mehr Ali Shah’s family with the Holy Prophet was granted to Hazrat's two ancestors, Pir Syed Roshan Din Shah and Pir Syed Rasool Shah in the year 1211 A.H by Hazrat Syed Habeeb Mustafa Ibn Syed Qasim Qadri, who was the appointed head of the shrine of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani, It stated that:

“in fact of ancestry and lineage, these two gentlemen, Pir Syed Roshan Din and Pir Syed Rasool Shah, are descendants of Hazrat syedna Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A). In Point of grace and holiness, they are his true heirs and legatees, and I regard them as my own sons. Devotees of the exalted Qadriyah Silsala (Chain) should therefore regard their hands as my hand and their word as my word.”

When the family of Hazrat, after its sojourns in various parts of India on migration from Baghdad, finally settled down in village Golra of the Punjab province of this country, the people then inhabiting this area were greatly impressed by the piety and saintly character of its members, and started thronging to them for guidance and blessings.


However, the veneration accorded to this newly arrived family aroused feelings of jealousy among the Syed’s already living in the area, who were mostly of Shia denomination and felt their own position and influence threatened by the new comers. One of the ploys used by these people to undermine the popularity of Hazrat’s family was to refuse to accept their prophetic lineage until concrete and conclusive written proof in support of it was produced by them. Since such proof was duly forthcoming, the detractors gained nothing but ignominy from their campaign. The family’s position was, however, decisively vindicated by an incident that occurred around this time.

In a gathering at the house of one of the detractors, the latter challenged Pir Syed Roshan Din, Hazrat’s great-Grand father who was one of the invitees, to produce his irrefutable evidence about his being a true Syed. Pir Syed Roshan Din first requested the person to desist from such improper behaviour, which violated the accepted norms of hospitality. When he refused to do so, the Pir Sahib put down the cap he was then wearing on his head on the floor and challenged any one then present to lift it if he could. Several persons in the audience tried one after another to lift the cap but failed to do so until the Pir Sahib himself accorded permission for this purpose

The detractor, publicly put to shame in this manner, apologized for his unbecoming behaviour. The incident added greatly to the prestige and estimation of the family of Hazrat, and the people of the area started rallying to it in ever greater numbers to seek its blessings and solicit its guidance.