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Pir Sahib Golra Sharif | | © All Rights Reserved  2016 | Web Master Trab UlHassan Naseervi

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Ancestral Tree

Hazrat Pir Syed Naseer Uddin Naseer was the great grandson of Hazrat Syedna Pir Mehr Ali shah sahib. Hazrat Pir syed Naseeruddin Naseer shah sahib was from the genealogy of Rasoolullah. From his father’s side he was a descendent of Hazrat Syedna Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani in the 28th generation and of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) through Syedna Imam Hassan Ibn-e-Ali in the 41st generation. On his mother’s side, he was a descent of Hazrat Syedna Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani in the 27th generation and of from the Holy Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) through Syedna Imam Hussain Ibn-e-Ali in the 40th generation.

Syed Naseer uddin Naseer Gillani (son of)

Syed Ghulam Moin uddin Gillani

Syed Ghulam Mohi Uddin Gillani

Syed Mehr Ali shah

Syed Nazr Din Shah

Syed Ghulam Shah

Syed Roshan Din Shah

Syed Abdur Rahman Noori

Syed Inayat Ullah

Syed Ghayas Ali

Syed Fath ullah

Syed Asad ullah

Syed Fakhar uddin

Syed Ihsan

Syed Dargahi

Syed Jamaal Ali

Syed Muhammad Jamaal

Syed Abi Mohammed

Syed Miran Muhammad

Syed Adbul Qadir Qumais

Syed Abil Hayat

Syed Taj uddin

Syed Baha uddin

Syed Jalal uddin

Syed Daud

Syed Ali

Syed Abi Salih Nasr

Syed Abdul Razzaq

Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani

Syed Abu Salih

Syed Abdullah Jili

Syed Yahya Zahid

Syed Shams uddin Zakariya

Syed Abu bakar Daud

Syed Musa sani

Syed Abdullah Salih

Syed Musa Al-Jawn

Syed Abdullah Mahaz

Syed Hasan Musana

Syed Imam Hasan

Syedna Imam Ali